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I am in the process of becoming a fashion-storyteller and am currently studying at Willem De Kooning Academy, where the start of my journey lies.

My journey to be inspired and to inspire others.
My inspiration comes from the daily life in the city of Rotterdam; its different cultures, the stories of the people and all my experiences in the city. I absorb these three elements and squeeze them back in to my designs.

My work is colorful, with many prints and different materials. The forms of my garments are commercial and expressive. Just like all the different people I come across.

I compare my designing process with story-telling. I use stories from people, myself and society, I stitch these stories into the garments. 

For my film and photoshoots I look for people whom I take an interest in, people with a story. In this film and photoshoots I aim to take you into the stories that triggered me to make these garments.


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If you are interested in some garments or want to start a collaboration with me leave a message in my email. I am also open for feedback over my work.